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This started as a personal email to my closest friends when I started my company. It grew to our investors, more friends and acquaintances, even my parents subscribed lol.

I’ve been told this email feels like a rush of adrenaline about startup life. I’m writing it mostly to remember everything that happens, because one day this will be a chapter in the book. I share learnings. I talk about what’s going on in consumer / frontier tech. I share what I’m listening to / watching. My playlists are fire.

“Let go and haul”

Is what sailors say when the boat is in line with the wind and you can chill and sail that course for a minute. Until the wind changes. Having a startup feels like being in a boat on a giant sea. The moments when I can stop and breathe are the moments when I can write and reflect. Also, insert something about constantly learning to let go and hauling ass.